Design Adventures

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Greetings to the other side of the screen! I’m Leyla, an experience and service designer getting most fascinated by social design and interactive media in urban setting. Currently I’m part of a great UX team with Intel Security in Helsinki. I believe design is a tool for building meaningful dialogues, for empowerment and for transformation of […]

Helsinki – Copenhagen. Curating and Designing the City. Notes & reflections from the seminar.

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Helsinki – Copenhagen. Curating and Designing the City. Notes & reflections from the seminar.

Posters by Koivo Extremely inspiring and throughout-provoking event on city design of Helsinki & Copenhagen yesterday! For me, the central theme in this day, was “Liveable City”. Ultimately, the event, led by the city-formers and influencers of the respective two cities, explored: what are those big & small elements  that make the city more LIVABLE in our […]

HCD workshop @ SPSPU and UrbanIxD in Saint Petersburg

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HCD workshop @ SPSPU and UrbanIxD in Saint Petersburg

Great design times in St.Petersburg, Russia past week! For three days, together with Søren Rosenbak, PhD student in Design as Critical Practice at UID, we were facilitating a workshop on HCD and design thinking at St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University for MA & BA design students. Amazing crowd of people who did a great job working […]

Social Design @ Service Design Network evening in Heslinki

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Social Design @ Service Design Network evening in Heslinki

Thanks to Katri Ojasalo for the picture. Last week I got to do an introductory talk in Service Design Network evening in Helsinki on the topic of Social Design after which we had a great discussion. Thanks to organisers of the SDN Helsinki network, to Helsinki Think Company for hosting and most importantly to all the […]

Great to see the Open Design Handout utilised in new initiatives

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Great to see the Open Design Handout utilised in new initiatives

It’s great to see that the materials for Open Design Jam day I published several months ago under CC license (scroll down to see the handout) get used for new events in RLabs, Cape Town. The Open Design Jam handout from April 2014:     (how it was utilised then is described here: Handout from […]

Introduction to Human Centered Design for amazing RLabs in Cape Town

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Introduction to Human Centered Design for amazing RLabs in Cape Town

Today these slides got featured on slideshare!

Where would we live today if the world map was different?

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Where would we live today if the world map was different?

Behavioural Composites with Roland Snooks  Paths of human migration generated over an alternative Earth map surface If the map of the world was different, if Africa was covered with ice while Europe was melting under equator sun.. Where and who would we be? I tried to imagine and build this world two weeks ago at […]

NordiCHI ’12 highlights

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NordiCHI ’12 highlights

Few weeks ago the wind of HCD was fierce around ITU Copenhagen as the Nordic forum for human-computer interaction research, NordiCHI ’12 was taking place. This year NordiCHI gathered a passionate design crowd with high talents and ambitions, professionals eager to discuss, to learn and to share. There were many interesting presentations often performed in […]

Designing for Audience engagement

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Designing for Audience engagement

Here are my slides from my presentation at the NordiCHI 2012 WP: If that caught your interest, you can get the full paper here. 

Design journey in Shanghai-style

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Design journey in Shanghai-style

Shanghai, the most highly-populated city of the world, just hosted Radical Design Week  where Finnish design thinking was invoked to re-think China. Our Design Project in Shanghai As part of the Radical Design week, we, 15 children of Aalto were drafted to attempt to do rapid user-driven innovation in Shanghai. Our task was to understand the […]

100Dancers or the story of one magic carpet flight

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100Dancers or the story of one magic carpet flight

100dancers festival this summer was a week of dancing and experimentation. A week of flying high in the sky and rarely stepping down to touch the wet Warsaw grass. A week of artistic inspiration, of expanding horizons and a week of happiness. A week that’s hard to write about without swinging in my office chair. […]

“Kid in me day”

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concept from Global Service Jam Helsinki 24-26 Feb 2012

Fires and Tears – the chaos of yesterday and tomorrow

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The interactive performance “Fires and Tears” version 2.0 was presented yesterday at Taik’s MediaLab demo day. The visuals of the performance were inspired by the traces of ancient people in Qobustan and music of the Faradzh Karaev ‘s“Shadows of Gobustan” ballet (1969). To read more about the hardware and software side of the project, please […]

Wild interactive performance piece (work in progress)

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The land I was born on was home to people since the times they hardly distinguished from the animal world. Their lives chaotic, their survival heavily dependent on the moods of Nature-  the power that they could not comprehend but only be fearful of. This work is the first attempt of creating an interactive performance piece […]

Engaging audience – low-fat recepie

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Everyday more and more companies discover the great power of social media. Businesses adopt different approaches as part of their IMC strategies, attempting to build and maintain a strong and lasting relationship with their consumers. Those who overlook this trend of company-customer communication are doomed to very soon falling behind their progressive competitors. This phenomenon, […]

Reach out to millions. Make your company Social. In Media.

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“The one sin for which there is no forgiveness is ennui” – O.Wilde Avoid ennui, be interesting, while building the image of your company in Social Media,  advice A.Kaplan and M.Haenlinen in their paper “Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media”. This article briefly discusses the potentials and the drawbacks […]


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Drizzling rain and BLiNdinG sunshine – absolutely possible, as last week has proven. Amsterdam was there, flashing with minds, faces, colors and sounds. Old was telling secrets, new- inspiring not to be afraid. This 4-day MediaBizLab trip has been one thriving moment of inspiration and creation. We spent the first day in the Media Lab […]

The revolution spirit of today- does it really live in optic fibers?

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During last several decades a loud choir of scientists, fiction writers and environmental activists has been imperatively raising awareness of fierce cataclysms coming. Planet Earth treated with an immense love and care of human beings will soon go crazy with the climate and eventually become unfeasible for most of living creatures, including the “smarter” ones. […]

Transmedia@MediaBizLabs seminar

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This poster I prepared for the Impacting the Bottom Line with Media Services  MBL seminar that took place on 23rd of November. Working on this topic was as crazily absorbing as rewarding. I’d like to introduce you a great tool with amazing potential. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Transmedia!

Helsinki scattered

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Today I found my old favorite kaleidoscope and held it close all day. In return, it told me stories, strange stories about what seemed before utterly familiar. It sometimes whispered, and other times screamed- with no sun on sky, it showed me dozen. It flipped people walking upside down; they were all heading somewhere and […]